Flagship Garden


Apollonia is Roots flagship garden, located in the west party of Sicily, Italy.

The garden is in Corleone valley, 25 Km from Palermo.

Greek, Roman, Arabic, Norman, Swabian, Spanish, the dominations that have occurred in this part of Sicily, the history of this valley is marked by the stratifications of different cultures that have always enriched it with many facets able. Beloved places, sought after by travelers and artists of all times. Places that conquer with elegance, with disruptive spirit and character.

An island of contrasts, culture and beauty, Sicily is a continent in the Mediterranean.

Owning a tree of our flagship garden will be part of a succession of landscapes and unique places as well as the

Tree Specifics:


Access will be exclusive to tree owner only

You will receive certificate of ownership and geo-localization

Additional Services:


Memory Capsule ​

Ideal for:

Celebrate new life – owing a tree in Sicily will create an immediate link with motherland, where your roots are.

Do you want this location to leave your roots?

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