Vintage Garden

(2,500 available )

Florence, Tuscany: you visualize it immediately, with its cypresses, its olive trees, its rows, tidy and clean like a poor house where everything it is in its place.

But it’s not like that or not it’s just like that. This land, all made by man, by his sweats, by his labors, for centuries and centuries, for humble and tenacious generations, splendid because always in a low voice and never openly, with an air that envelops it as if it were its own atmosphere private.

Leonardo garden wants to celebrate the Italian heritage in its purest form.  Olive tree is tenacious and strong, , characteristics wired into the Italian DNA.

Olive tree is long-lived able to survive the worst events, if cracked, the bust will gemm new flowes, sometimes even fire will not break it – this is a love declaracion for a people of migrant, that with dignity they built a new life far away, but they know were they roots belong.

Tree Specifics:


Access will be exclusive to tree owner only

You will receive certificate of ownership and geo-localization

You will receive a 1.5 Liters of olive oil every year

Additional Services:


Memory Capsule ​

Do you want this location to leave your roots?

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